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Videos | Mama Carol’s Mi Rancho Kitchen

Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup

Our Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup made with an Organic Corn Tortilla base will warm you right up this winter! View the full recipe.
Mama Carol’s Mi Rancho Kitchen Tips: Homemade Chips & Strips

Join Mama Carol as she makes an all time favorite – tortilla chips! Using Mi Rancho THINcredible Thin Corn Tortillas.

Smoky Chicken Tacos

Mama Carol joins forces with Chef Justine to craft Smoky Chicken Tacos with Black Beans and Chile Lime Salsa!

Ice Cream Sundae Tortilla Bowls

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this savory confection using Mi Rancho Organic Flour Tortillas!

Breakfast Egg Tostada

Mama Carol brings her expertise to the table with these breakfast egg tostadas, using Mi Rancho Organic Corn tortillas.

Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Mama Carol takes meal prep to the next level with her latest recipe – a buffalo chicken wrap bento box with Mi Rancho Flour Tortillas.