Mi Rancho 80th Anniversary – Retail Merchandiser

Mi Rancho featured in Retail Merchandiser, volume 59, issue 1A.

Mi Rancho celebrates 80 years in business with new avenues for growth but the same commitment to quality that delivers premium tortilla products to a range of markets. 

Most people, when they have a craving for a family recipe that brings comfort, have to travel to a parent or grandparent to get the dish they love, or find a way to recreate it on their own. The Berber family took its beloved family recipes and shares them with the world, in the form of the Mi Rancho line of products. It also continues to show its dedication to the quality its family established generations ago with time-tested recipes and processes to delivery products of premium quality. Additionally, by remaining a family owned and operated business, it can ensure this quality is maintained and shared with other families.

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Article by Staci Davidson, Knighthouse Media