Homemade Chips & Strips

Mama Carol shows us how to make chips and strips – perfect to add to a soup, salad, or enjoy with salsa and guacamole! Using Mi Rancho THINcredibles Organic Thin Corn Tortillas. View full recipe here.

Savory Pork Tacos
In this video Mama Carol invites you into her kitchen to show you how to make Savory Pork Tacos – one of her go-to favorites for entertaining a crowd.

Pesto Prosciutto Pizza
Mama Carol uses Mi Rancho Tortillas to make a delicious and easy Pesto Prosciutto Pizza from scratch.

Carne Asada and Charred Vegetable Tacos
Mama Carol and her son are making Carne Asada and Charred Vegetable Tacos on the grill.


Grilled Fish Taco Sliders
Mama Carol is back at the grill making these super easy and tasy grilled fish taco sliders.

Rustic Tortilla Crackers
Mama Carol wows her guests with her homemade tortilla crackers recipe made using Mi Rancho Organic Flour Tortillas.

Grilled Romaine Chicken Caesar Wrap
Learn a new twist and on the classic Caesar with Mama Carol as she creates a super easy and healthy Grilled Romaine Chicken Caesar Wrap.

Buffalo Chicken Wraps
Mama Carol takes meal prep to the next level with her latest recipe – a buffalo chicken wrap bento box with Mi Rancho Flour Tortillas.

Breakfast Egg Tostada
Mama Carol brings her expertise to the table with these breakfast egg tostadas, using Mi Rancho Organic Corn tortillas.

Ice Cream Sundae Tortilla Bowls
Satisfy your sweet tooth with this savory confection using Mi Rancho Organic Flour Tortillas!

Smoky Chicken Tacos with Black Beans & Chile-Lime Salsa
Mama Carol joins forces with Chef Justine of Sun Basket to craft a Super Speedy Meal of Smoky Chicken Tacos with Black Beans and Chile Lime Salsa!