Mama Carol's How to Freeze Corn Tortillas
Carol Berber Carol Berber |

Mama Carol’s Kitchen Tips: How To Freeze Corn Tortillas

As I have mentioned before, my family eats tortillas (and a lot of them) with every meal. We especially eat a lot of corn tortillas. My husband, Manuel, uses hot tortillas as a utensil, tearing off small pieces and pinching the food between the two to eat. As you can imagine, when everyone is home,…

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rustic crackers
Alexa Shields Alexa Shields |

Holiday Entertaining with Mama Carol’s Rustic Tortilla Crackers

With the holiday season upon us, time will seem to become scarcer as we try to fit in entertaining, cooking holiday favorites, and shopping for gifts. Wouldn’t it be nice if just one thing could be easy? That’s when easy, make-ahead recipes that are great for entertaining become key. I’m here to bring you just…

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4 Tostada Recipes
Alexa Shields Alexa Shields |

Our 4 Best Tostada Recipes

Whether you pile them high or low, there is nothing quite like the salty, crispy taste of a tostada. This is one of my favorite dishes to make, simply because they’re so versatile. The best part is that you can use any tortilla to make a tostada. I prefer to use Mi Rancho Organic Corn…

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Joe Trummer, Director of Research & Development Joe Trummer, Director of Research & Development |

Talking Tortillas With the CA Wheat Commission

The California Wheat Commission (CWC) was established in 1983 by the California wheat growers to support ongoing wheat research aimed at improving the quality and marketability of California wheat. At the annual Wheat Collaborator Meeting, the commission reviews new research and breeding programs designed to advance the integrity and marketability of California wheat. The committee…

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