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At Mi Rancho, all employees are considered part of the family and are an integral part of the company’s success. We operate with a simple principle from our patriarach- you give respect, you get respect back. Pure Tortilla Joy doesn’t just describe our delicious tortillas. It refers to the joy every employee feels coming to work at Mi Rancho each day. All positions are based at our Elk Grove, CA headquarters.

How to apply

Due to COVID-19 Precautions established by local governments, Mi Rancho is accepting new applications and resumes only via email. Please email your application and résumé to

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Sr. Food Technologist


This position will be responsible for innovation, maintenance, and enhancement of existing products in the tortilla category. This individual will interact directly with operations, finance, sales, and marketing regarding all aspects of the new product development. Extensive interfacing with manufacturing is required during the project implementation phase and when executing cost savings projects. Emphasis on the ability to operate independently and be highly adaptable to change.

Education & Experience

• BS/MS in Food Science, Cereal Science, or related discipline.
• Strong bakery product development and formulation experience.
• 5-7 years of experience in fresh/frozen baked goods preferred.
• Must have an advanced level of understanding of nutritional information and label declaration.
• Must have an advanced level of understanding of regulatory compliance with governmental agencies.
• Management/supervisory experience a plus.

Minimum Qualifications

1. Must have the ability to manage new and multiple projects from conception to commercialization.
2. Adept at working independently and cross-functionally, managing multiple projects and short timelines, and working in fast-paced environment. Able to communicate and manage project needs cross-functionally.
3. Ability to multitask and work under pressure and time constrained situations and adapt to quickly changing priorities across multiple projects.
4. Strong organizational, communication and analytical Skills.
5. Ability to interact with all management levels.
6. Must have excellent time-management skills.
7. Strong attention to detail skills
8. Must have proficient math skills.
9. Must have proficient problem-solving skills.
10. Must have proficient training, coaching, and interpersonal skills.
11. Must be an excellent team player.
12. Must be self-motivated.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Fully responsible for the development and implementation of new products, both from customer and marketing requests using internal and external resources. This includes developing new project processes and parameters.
2. Fully responsible for the interpretation of customer product requirements.
3. Manage shelf-life testing process. Gather, validate, and manage data entry for each shelf-life test that is conducted by R&D. Share results with all involved in each project.
4. Manage/Oversee product testing, including the pre-batching of ingredients.
5. Manage the “Plant Test Form” for each test. Document and record results. Update database and maintain hard copies with accurate and current information.
6. Responsible for monitoring and validating the manufacturing process during plant tests.
7. Fully responsible for the complete analysis of Finished Products after plant test is completed while recording the information in the appropriate systems or files using scientific and food related knowledge.
8. Responsible for preparing products for sensory evaluations. Completing and updating records with pertinent information.
9. Understand and develop nutritional information and label declarations as well as regulatory compliance with governmental agencies by researching and confirming the information.
10. Responsible for identifying target product formulations, prototype development, on-site commercialization at the manufacturing site, and preparation of all technical documentation by direct interfacing with the sales and marketing team.
11. Provide technical services to customers in conjunction with Sales and Marketing using scientific and food related knowledge.
12. Develop an extensive understanding of existing production capabilities at selected sites.
13. Fully responsible for the execution of line extensions, cost optimization, and quality improvements.
14. Participate in New Concept Development programs.
15. Develop, complete, and update external customer specifications, new product information and internal specifications and technical data sheets.
16. Other duties as assigned.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Inspector


The Quality Assurance Inspector role is responsible for performing quality assurance inspections for compliance with plans, specification, and requirements. They must follow the inspection processes from raw materials through finished product and collaborate with the production team to understand obstacles and find solutions. The Quality Assurance Inspector will assist in all quality control and assurance processes and procedures.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Shall assist with Quality Control/Assurance Processes and Procedures.
2. Shall keep QA and R&D Manager informed of all activities, which impinge on quality assurance and production issues.
3. Assists in company Metal Detection Program, Pest Control Program, Recall Program, and Waste Reduction Program.
4. Shall be highly proficient with Weight Control Program.
5. Shall be highly proficient w/ company “Hold and Release Program”.
6. Assists in managing and controlling R&D Testing, Recipes and Product Formulations.
7. Conduct daily “Preoperational Inspections” (PRE-OP) when needed.
8. Assists in controlling product specifications.
9. Responsible to assist with product-handling requirements.
10. Responsible for inspecting all incoming raw materials for compliance with company policies.
11. Assist with keeping chemicals and all containers properly labeled.
12. Promotes cost-savings and shall assist in informing employees the high costs of material handling to help them understand the importance of proper usage.
13. Must be familiar with company line of products.
14. Maintain first-rate and meaningful QA reports and documentation.
15. Assist in training employees with QA and R&D procedures.
16. Shall assist with production floor policies and procedures.
17. Must take an active role in enforcing housekeeping rules.
18. Maintain a firm safety discipline and report unsafe acts and conditions.
19. Promoting an open relaxed atmosphere to promote collaborative communications.
20. May assist Production Dept. when and where required.
21. Follow and enforce Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP’s).

Minimum Qualifications

Must have above average communication skills (verbal and written).
• Must have above average math skills.
• Must have above average analytical skills.
• Must have above average problem-solving skills.
• Must have above average multi-tasking skills.
• Must have above average organizational skills.
• Must be an excellent team player.
• Must have good judgment and decisiveness.
• Must have above average interpersonal skills.
• Must be reliable and prompt with all work activities and duties.
• Computer skills a plus.
• High School diploma or equivalent a plus
• Bilingual (English and Spanish) a plus
• Experience in USDA, FDA, CA Dept. of Food & Agriculture a plus
• Experience in Kosher, Organic and AIB program a plus
• Shall be neat, tidy, organized, and energetic.
• Ability to perform work duties under demanding and spur-of-the-moment working conditions.
• Must possess the ability to keep accurate daily, weekly reports.
• Must be able to manage company confidential information
• Must be able to follow Safety and Food Safety Policies.

Quality Assurance Supervisor


Production Supervisor 1st (AM) & 2nd Shift (PM)


The production supervisor is responsible for supervising production employees, accomplishes manufacturing staff results by communicating job expectations; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results; coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees; initiating, coordinating, and enforcing systems, policies, and procedures.  This position recommends improvements in production methods, equipment, operating procedures and working conditions.  This person will also be responsible for the indirect supervision of other Department team members and will keep their managers informed of their performance and activities.

Minimum Qualifications
  • Bachelor of Science in Management/Operations with a minimum of 2 years’ experience in a supervisory or leadership position OR related AA Degree with a minimum of 4 years’ experience in the Food Manufacturing industry in a supervisory position.
  • Experience in USDA, FDA or CA Dept. of food & agriculture, food manufacturing standards.
  • Experience in HACCP and HAZMAT.
  • Must be proficient in communication skills both verbal and written.
  • Must be proficient in math skills.
  • Must have proficient analytical skills.
  • Must have proficient problem-solving skills, be self-motivated and have the ability to initiate action to correct deficiencies.
  • Must be proficient and have organizational skills and be able to manage multiple projects.
  • Must have good judgment and decisiveness.
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Must be reliable and prompt with all work activities and duties.
  • Shall be neat, tidy, organized, and energetic.
  • Ability to perform work duties under demanding and spur-of-the-moment working conditions.
  • Must be able to manage company confidential information.
  • Experience in Kosher, Organic and AIB programs a plus.
  • Must have excellent training and coaching skills, must be able to motivate and or discipline team Members as and when needed.
  • Must be self-motivated. Able to initiate action to correct deficiencies.
  • Must be an excellent team player.
  • Must have computers skills to include MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.)
  • Bilingual English and Spanish a plus
  • Must be able to fulfill essential job function in a consistent state of alertness and safe manner.
Duties & Responsibilities
  1. Responsible for implementing the safety program and safety procedures.
  2. Responsible for directly supervising the production staff.
  3. Indirect supervision of Maintenance/S&R crew/Sanitation crew (especially during off shifts).
  4. Must make self-presence on the floor and office hours.
  5. Training and preparation of Production Crew: Goals and objectives, KPI’s, production schedules, training sessions.
  6. Responsible for preparing and conducting employee performance reviews (45 days, 90 days, yearly).
  7. Responsible for coach, counsel, and discipline to personnel as needed.
  8. Responsible for enforcing all company rules, policies, and procedures.
  9. Shall keep accurate (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) production reports.
  10. Responsible for developing and enforcing SOP’s as needed.
  11. Responsible for ensuring that areas are maintained cleaned, safe, and organized at all times.
  12. Responsible for reporting equipment malfunctions immediately. Verify that the equipment is maintained in adequate operating conditions.
  13. Verify that preventive maintenance program is effective and meets production needs (meeting downtime standards).
  14. Shall verify company compliance to NSF superior rating standards.
  15. Shall keep up to date and organized production records.
  16. Shall conduct “Preoperational Inspections” as needed.
  17. Shall assist management on new equipment purchasing.
  18. Responsible for meeting production standards ensuring that products meet quality first time standards.
  19. Responsible for meeting yield and waste standards.
  20. Shall be highly proficient with company line of products.
  21. Responsible for accurately calculating and recording production per line, line efficiencies, waste, and downtime.
  22. Shall support maintenance and S & R as needed. Ensuring that all personnel from all departments are productive at all times.
  23. Shall support maintenance and S & R by providing feedback to department heads in regards individual performance.
  24. Responsible for keeping personnel motivated, productive and well informed.
  25. Responsible for maintaining excellent and professional employee relations.
  26. Responsible for promoting teamwork at all levels and between the departments.
  27. Assist the department manager to develop and update job descriptions for each position.
  28. Other duties as assigned.


Mechanics 2nd & 3rd Shift

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Our story began on 7th Street in Oakland over 80 years ago, and we remain committed to this pursuit — to share our heritage and passion with each of you through authentically crafted foods.

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