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We are a passionate family of tortilla visionaries baking nearly 5 million tortillas each day, using whole California-grown kernels and flour with the utmost attention to consistency and food safety. Our modern baking techniques allow us to embrace our ancient family process and recipes to bake products that can only be described as pure tortilla joy.

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Our capabilities
  • Customized solutions tailored to your needs

    We have what you are looking for. Mi Rancho produces premium products across the foodservice and retail sectors. These items include a wide variety of corn and flour tortillas, chips, strips, masa, and flavored wraps. 

  • Commitment to authenticity comes through in every bite

    At Mi Rancho, we combine our ancient, old world process with innovative state-of-the-art equipment to produce the highest quality, best tasting foods. We believe in certifications, transparency, and generations-old traditional methods. Our corn tortillas made from whole kernel corn cooked according to the nixtamalization process and ground with hand-carved lava stones in fresh masa. We make our flour tortillas in small batches, taking time to slowly proof the dough before they’re heat pressed and baked in soft, pliable, delicious tortillas.

  • Combining old world authenticity with new world innovation

    We take extra time to cook whole kernel corn, yet our new-world systems allow us to produce over 1.5 billion tortillas a year with room to grow. We honor our heritage-style baking while respecting our customers’ needs for custom products. While our state-of-the-art equipment has been modified to meet our customers’ needs, we haven’t lost sight of the importance of seasoned, artisan tortillas makers who have been with us over the years and know more about pure tortilla joy than any machine possibly could.

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For us, it's never been about just making tortillas.

Our story began on 7th Street in Oakland over 80 years ago, and we remain committed to this pursuit — to share our heritage and passion with each of you through authentically crafted food.

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