As a family of passionate tortilla visionaries, Mi Rancho® has flourished by providing exceptional Foodservice tortillas to taquerias, local restaurants and national accounts since 1939. We pride ourselves on the discerning quality of our ingredients, recipes and production methods. Our company is committed to producing tortillas that you can trust are safe and wholesome, as seen with our extensive food safety audits and certifications. State of the art automated equipment produces authentic tortillas at high volumes with consistent quality, flavor and texture.

In addition to the wide variety of products that we offer already, we’re willing to work with you to customize our products to meet your specifications for weights, sizes and textures. Mi Rancho’s® goal is to provide our customers with the best tasting and most innovative products in today’s market. We don’t want to be the biggest tortilla manufacturer; we just want to make the best tortillas.

Corn Tortillas

Mi Rancho® corn tortillas have an authentic flavor and texture that can only come from being crafted with real corn.

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Flour Tortillas

Mi Rancho® flour tortillas are baked in small batches to ensure that each tortilla is soft, fluffy and easy to roll.

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Pre-Cut Chips & Strips

Our pre-cut chips and strips are made from stone-ground corn and ready to fry for an irresistible taste and texture.

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Specialty & Wraps

Our flavored tortilla wraps will perk up any dish with the irresistible scent, vibrant color and taste of fresh herbs and spices.

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Organic & Non-GMO

Mi Rancho® Non-GMO and Organic tortillas aren’t just a great tasting, but they’re better for you too!

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Fried Chips & Tostadas

Mi Rancho® pre-fried tortilla chips are made with fresh corn for flavor that shines through with every bite.

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Mi Rancho® masa is incomparable, made daily from freshly ground whole corn kernels for real corn flavor.

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school lunch

School Lunch Program Compliant Products

Mi Rancho® offers a wide variety of tortillas and fried chips that meet the requirements for the National School Lunch Program.

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