Video Archives: September 2018

Sun Basket & Alex Berber

We’re so excited to have our corn tortillas featured in Sun Basket meal kits. This meal kit service provides members with delicious weekly recipes, always fresh and organic.

Sun Basket & Family Tradition

Take a trip down memory lane with this video on Mi Rancho history! Learn how we combine old world authenticity with new world innovation to create our delicious tortillas.

Sun Basket & Lava Stones for Corn

Our organic, non-GMO corn tortillas are created with the help of hand-carved lava stones, giving the tortillas a rich corn flavor with a hearty consistency.

Sun Basket & Tech and Innovation

At Mi Rancho, we’ve mastered the art of old world authenticity and new world innovation. We’re proud of our organic, non-GMO tortillas that deliver top-notch flavor and pure tortilla joy.

Sun Basket & Flour Tortillas

Our flour tortillas are fluffy, flavorful, and made the old-fashioned way, just like Mama would have liked it! Learn about the process of creating our flour tortillas in the video above.