Video Archives: June 2020

Tortushi Recipe

Shrimp Tempura Tortushi

Mama Carol fuses East and West cuisine to make Shrimp Tempura Tortushi, sushi with Mi Rancho Large Organic Flour Tortillas. Watch her video to combine the best of both worlds.


Queso Fundido

Mama Carol puts the FUN in Queso Fundido! One of the easiest crowd-pleasing appetizers to make, this ooey gooey cheesy appetizer will soon become everyone’s favorite.

Taco Salad Tortilla Bowl

Taco Salad Tortilla Bowls

Mama Carol shows us the versatility of Mi Rancho Tortillas with her unique tortilla bowls. Learn how to make a taco salad in your own delicious and edible tortilla bowl!

King Enchiladas

Mama Carol brings back a classic Mama Ofi recipe to the kitchen – King Enchiladas with our new Organic THINcredible Thin Corn Tortillas!

Mama Carol’s Mi Rancho Kitchen Tips: How to Freeze Tortillas

Ever wonder what to do with those extra tortillas? Learn how to freeze tortillas in this Mama Carol Kitchen tip video!