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Farm-to-Joy – 5 Steps to the World’s Best Tasting Corn Tortillas

There’s a reason why Mi Rancho’s corn tortillas are the best tasting tortillas in the world; actually, there are five reasons. Our Organic Corn Non-GMO Project Verified tortillas and corn tortilla products have gone through the same five-step process for over 75 years. From the rich California cornfields to your kitchen table, we call our process, “Farm-to-Joy” and believe the best way to make a corn tortilla is the most authentic way.

  1. Sourcing – All of our corn is grown in California and harvested at precisely the right time for maximum flavor. “California sourced by choice, delicious by nature.” Mi Rancho believes in supporting local growers and businesses whenever possible, so we try to source all of our ingredients from California.
  2. Cooking – As we have done for four generations, our Non-GMO whole kernel corn is simply and authentically cooked with lime and steeped in kettles for 10-12 hours. This old world method, known as nixtamalization, allows the pure corn flavor to reach its peak just before grinding.
  3. Grinding – We still use an actual hand-carved lava stone to grind our fully-cooked corn (nixtamal) into our uniquely textured, purely wholesome masa.
  4. Baking – Our generations-old approach to baking at very low temperatures produces a delicious tortilla that retains moisture while maintaining multiple layers and savory toast marks.
  5. Joy – Welcome to the world of pure tortilla joy where family and friends enjoy the world’s best tasting tortillas.

Click here to watch how Mi Rancho produces the world’s best tasting whole kernel, stone-ground corn tortillas. They are the epitome of Pure Tortilla Joy.

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