For generations the Berber family has made Mi Rancho® corn tortillas the traditional way: using whole grain corn cooked with lime, then stone-ground into fresh masa. Mi Rancho® corn tortillas have an authentic flavor and texture that can only come from being crafted with real corn. Their superior taste and performance is ideal for any application from tacos and taquitos to table use.

CodeProduct Description
100195Corn 4IN White Chiquita Tortilla
100196Corn 4.5IN White Taquito Tortilla
100199Corn 5IN White Taqueria Tortilla
100212Corn 6IN White Gruesa Tortilla
100205Corn 6IN White Thick Tortilla
100208Corn 6IN White Thin Tortilla
100210Corn 6IN White Super Thin Tortilla
100289Corn 6IN Ylw Thick Tortilla
100285Corn 6IN Ylw Thin Tortilla
100225Corn 6IN White Estilo a Mano Tortilla
100188Corn 6IN Blue Thin Tortilla
100240Corn 6IN Red Thin Tortilla
100215Corn 6IN White Taco Tortilla
100211Corn 6IN White Mesa Tortilla