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Flour Tortillas

Mi Rancho® flour tortillas are baked in small batches, taking time to slowly proof the dough before they’re heat pressed, baked and gently cooled for packaging. The result is soft, pliable tortillas that are easy to roll in any application – from fajitas and burritos to soft tacos and quesadillas.

CodeCase PackProduct Description
10033012/24 ct.Flour 6IN Tortilla
10077112/6 ct.Flour 6IN Especial Tortilla
10033510/20 ct.Flour 8IN Tortilla
1002946/20 ct.Flour 10IN Burrito Tortilla
10030610/10 ct.Flour 12IN Grande Tortilla
10032210/10 ct.Flour 13IN Especial Tortilla
10032310/10 ct.Flour 14IN Gigante Tortilla

Gluten-Free Flour Tortillas

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CodeCase PackProduct Description
1017585/10 ct.Flour 12IN Gluten-Free Tortilla

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