Ready to enjoy, Mi Rancho® pre-fried tortilla chips are made with fresh corn and are available in white and yellow, in both triangles and rounds. Light and crispy, the delicious corn flavor shines through with every bite.

CodeCase PackProduct Description
1008791/12 lb.Fried Ylw Cantina Chips 12 LB
10023312/13 oz.Fried White Old Fashion Chip 12/13 OZ
1002341/12 lb.Fried White Triangle Chip 12 LB
1002351/12 lb.Fried Ylw Triangle Chip 12 LB
1002366/2 lb.Fried White Round Chip 6/2 LB
1002378/24 ct.Fried Ylw Tostadas Caseras 8/24 CT