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Pre-Cut Chips & Strips

Mi Rancho corn tortilla pre-cut chips and strips are made from stone-ground corn for an irresistible taste and texture. They’re available in white, yellow, blue, red and tri-color with a choice of thickness, shapes and sizes – we’re sure to have the perfect one for you.

CodeCase PackProduct Description
1002161/30 lb.Corn 4IN-Cut White Thin Pre-Cut
1002171/30 lb.Corn 6IN-Cut White Thin Pre-Cut
1002181/30 lb.Corn 4IN-Cut White Super Thin Pre-Cut
1002901/30 lb.Corn 4IN-Cut Ylw Thin Pre-Cut
1002911/30 lb.Corn 6IN-Cut Ylw Thin Pre-Cut
1003781/30 lb.Corn 6IN-Cut Tri Color Pre-Cut
1002821/20 lb.Corn White Thin Tortilla Strip

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