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Specialty Wraps

Our flavored tortilla wraps will perk up any dish with the irresistible scent, vibrant color and taste of fresh herbs and spices. They’re available in a variety sizes and delicious flavors: chile tomato, chipotle, spinach, garlic herb, lemongrass, tomato basil and wheat.

CodeCase PackProduct Description
10034624/10 ct.Flour 6IN Wheat Tortilla
10034720/10 ct.Flour 8IN Wheat Tortilla
10084920/10 ct.Flour 8IN White Whole Wheat Tortilla
10085012/10 ct.Flour 10IN White Whole Wheat Tortilla
10034112/10 ct.Flour 10IN Wheat Tortilla
1003155/10 ct.Flour 12IN Chile Tomato Tortilla
1003075/10 ct.Flour 12IN Chipotle Tortilla
1003055/10 ct.Flour 12IN Garlic Herb Tortilla
1011845/10 ct.Flour 12IN Spinach Tortilla
1003165/10 ct.Flour 12IN Tomato Basil Tortilla
1003435/10 ct.Flour 12IN Wheat Tortilla
1003285/10 ct.Flour 14IN Chile Tomato Tortilla
1003245/10 ct.Flour 14IN Chipotle Tortilla
10139610/6 ct.Flour 14IN Spinach Tortilla
1003455/10 ct.Flour 14IN Wheat Tortilla

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