Brush tortilla lightly with melted coconut oil or coconut oil spray. With a paring knife, make a slice to the center of the tortilla. Overlapping the tortilla, twist around itself until you form a cone. Place upside down over the back of a muffin tin to keep it in place. If need be, use toothpicks a well. Bake at 350F for 6-10 minutes until golden brown.

While cones cool, warm chocolate chips and coconut oil over a double boiler, stirring frequently with a spatula until smooth. Add one 1 tsp. chocolate inside the cone to fill the tip (this will help seal the cone) and dip top edge in chocolate. While chocolate is still warm on the edge, dip it into the decorative topping of choice, like chocolate nibs or sprinkles. Set aside on parchment until set.

Fill with your favorite ice cream or make your own from scratch.