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Grilled Cubano Sandwich Wrap

Alexa Shields

Try this twist on the classic Cubano sandwich, with shredded pork, ham, and cheese wrapped inside Mama’s Simply Authentic Burrito Flour Tortillas. We then grill the wrap in a panini press to create that crispy crust associated with this delicious sub.




Heat Panini Press to Medium High.

In a small bowl, mix honey mustard and mayonnaise and salt and pepper to taste until blended. Spread 1-2 tablespoons across 2/3 of Burrito Flour Tortilla. Layer 2 slices cheese, then 2 slices deli ham, then ¼ of sweet pork, and 4 slices sweet pickles.

Fold one side over and pull back slightly covering all ingredients. Fold both ends over and then finish rolling tightly.

On a hot panini grill, lay wrap seam-side down, and toast until tortilla is golden brown. Slice and serve hot with extra of the mustard sauce for dipping.

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