• 1 Mi Rancho Mole Tortilla
  • 1 cup shredded deli roasted rotisserie chicken
  • 6 tbsp red enchilada sauce
  • 1/4 cup prepared guacamole, divided
  • 2 tbsp crumbled queso fresco
  • 6 pickled jalapeño pepper slices


  • Toss together chicken and enchilada sauce.
  • Spread 2 tbsp guacamole down along center of tortilla, leaving 1/2-inch border at top and bottom.
  • Top with chicken mixture, queso fresco and jalapeño.
  • Fold up bottom of tortilla over filling, then fold in sides and roll up. Serve with remaining guacamole sauce.
  • Tip: Substitute green enchilada sauce for red enchilada sauce if desired.